Composite floors

    Cofraplus 220

    ease & fast installation, lightness & especially large spans

      The additive floor Cofraplus® 220 combines the high strength of the patented deep-rolled steel floor decking with that of the reinforced concrete slab. An ease & fast installation, lightness & especially large spans are the characteristics of this process providing grecharacteristics at freedom for any application.

      Enables spans of the floor decking up to 5,50m without propping and up to 9,0m with propping during concreting
      Highly flexible in use: lightweight profile with 12.5kg/m making it placeable by hand, thus reducing costs related to lifting equipment
      Compatibility with steel, concrete or wood framed structures makes it suitable for new construction, extensions and renovations
      Fire resistance of 60 to 120min thanks to the simple integration of rebar in the rib