31. Oktober 2023

XCarb® Recycled and Renewably Produced steel products.

As part of the company's commitment to a greener planet, ArcelorMittal Construction now offers decarbonised steel products.
  • ArcelorMittal's XCarb® Recycled and Renewably Produced steel reduces the climate impact of steel production by approximately 70% compared to conventional methods.
  • ArcelorMittal Construction's XCarb® Recycled and Renewably Produced PIR sandwich panels are estimated to reduce the carbon footprint by up to 45% compared to conventional manufacturing methods. The same process offers an estimated reduction of up to 60% for load-bearing shells. Both product types are available now from ArcelorMittal Construction.
  • XCarb® Recycled and Renewably Produced steel is manufactured in electric arc furnaces (EAF) that use at least 75% recycled steel and 100% renewable energy for production.
ArcelorMittal Construction is proud to announce that XCarb® Recycled and Renewably Produced Products are available for purchase. This marks a significant moment for the architecture, engineering and construction sectors as they move towards more sustainable practices.

With XCarb® Recycled and Renewably Produced steel, ArcelorMittal is a pioneer in green steel innovation. No other steel producer in the world is currently producing comparable volumes of steel for the construction sector with such low levels of sequestered carbon.
25. Oktober 2023

Pflaum roof panels turn the roof into a solar power plant

The European Union has set itself the goal of becoming climate neutral by 2050. As part of its Green Deal legislation, the EU Commission wants to create increasingly sustainable energy systems. Net greenhouse gas emissions are to be reduced by at least 55 percent by 2030 and renewable energy generation capacity is to be expanded to 1,236 GW. A so-called "solar obligation", i.e. a legally binding EU obligation to install solar roofs, is accordingly under consideration.

Resulting requirements for today's roof solutions

Efficient installation of photovoltaic modules is part of any planning for these reasons, but also for economic reasons. With rising energy costs, the solar power produced on the roof is integrated into the building and its utilisation concept and firmly planned as an independent, cost-effective energy supply - just like a lightweight, highly insulating roof covering. 
Pflaum panels are the first choice for economical roofing due to their high load-bearing capacity, the best possible air and water tightness and perfect thermal insulation. The insulating roof elements can bridge spans of up to 6 m unsupported and achieve the best U-values for ideal thermal insulation in thicknesses of up to 140mm. With the 60µm Hairexcel® coating applied at the factory and the optimised joint geometry, Pflaum roof panels have proven their worth on countless roofs in Austria and Europe over the long term.

Solutions for the installation of photovoltaic modules

Due to the increasing demand, we have decided to offer our customers several options for mounting and to include the most common systems in the approval for our panels. The previous fastening via a rail in the longitudinal joint has now been supplemented by the most common fastening systems on the market:
  • Schletter SingleFix V
  • Schletter ClampFit
  • K2 BasicRail
  • Novotegra C24
  • Novotegra C47.
Requirements for the coating

The covering of the actual roof surface by the PV modules prevents the usual cleaning effects caused by rain and wind. Thus, leaves, branches and other dirt can collect under the solar panels after only a short time and lead to an increased corrosive load. Furthermore, the corrosion protection system is exposed to additional stress through installation and maintenance of the solar system. The IFBS guideline PA10 (solar technology in lightweight metal construction) requires a thickness of the organic coating of at least 45 µm for metal roofs under solar systems. With Hairexcel® we offer a robust and corrosion-resistant coating system with 60µm that is adapted to the application.

Please feel free to contact us.
Solar panels on Pflaum PD roof panel
4. Juli 2023

Lively façade design in harmony with the corporate design

Pflaum panels give the façade of the new PROBAT building a unique appearance.

For more than 150 years, PROBAT in Emmerich am Rhein (D) has been producing roasting machines and systems for the coffee processing industry as a leading manufacturer worldwide. With an economically, ecologically and socially oriented production that is both competitive and adaptable, the site is now ideally equipped for the industrial future. 

After a total construction period of just over two years for the new building and the revitalisation of the existing building for production with adjoining production-related administration and break area, the PROBAT Future Factory was handed over to the client on 25 August 2022.

Planning approach "from the inside to the outside

The 4,900 m² new building and the conversion of the 13,000 m² existing area are based on the future-oriented factory concept of the consulting and planning company Dr. Schönheit + Partner Consulting Engineering GmbH (S + P). The basis for the PROBAT factory of the future is the factory structure planning carried out by S + P, which envisages a process-oriented factory design with optimal arrangement of the production and organisational areas. In addition, changeable structures and sufficient expansion areas are to enable future growth.

"The structure of the production and logistics areas as well as the production-related administration, which is open from the inside to the outside, is the final result of 2/3 existing building and 1/3 new building after a construction period of just over 2 years in the ongoing process," says Peter Thomé, managing director and architect of the consulting and planning company Dr. Schönheit + P. Engineering GmbH. 

New standards in façade design

The building envelope was not only to be of high architectural quality, but also to generate a unique selling point for PROBAT and lend liveliness to the 200-metre-long façade along the main entrance road to Emmerich. 

"So not only did we choose the panels in line with PROBAT's corporate design in terms of colour, they also have two different degrees of gloss, which were positioned irregularly on the building. This results in different reflections depending on the time of day and weather conditions and gives the façade a unique, lively appearance," explains Peter Thomé.

The Pflaum FI mineral wool panel from Pflaum & Söhne is the perfect choice for a seamless appearance of your façade. This is because the fastening is hidden behind the ceiling shells by means of special milling of the composite panels, completely without visible screw connections of the panels. The shear-resistant bond of the non-combustible mineral wool fibres inside the mineral wool panels ensures that the insulation always remains in place and does not sag. The result is a functional and contemporary façade with maximum safety and stability at the same time.

"The requirements in modern façade construction are becoming increasingly complex, especially with regard to safety, fire protection and thermal insulation. We are particularly pleased that we are able to meet these high demands, especially with regard to aesthetics, and that we are able to demonstrate this with such showcase projects," says Daniel Höller, CMO of Pflaum & Söhne Bausysteme GmbH.

Production hall in uniform, reduced colour design and with plenty of natural light

Floor-to-ceiling windows, fully glazed doors and roof light bands ensure high transparency and natural light within the hall, in addition to the installed LED lighting. The administration was also integrated into the hall close to production and is equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows to create transparency and a connection between the administration on the 1st floor and the production at ground level. A pleasant working atmosphere is ensured, among other things, by special soundproofing measures and the perspectives of the walkways, which always lead the view outwards.
PROBAT Future Factory in Emmerich
27. März 2023

That was the Pflaum Business Brunch on 22nd of March

?Upper Austria Job Week 2023 - We were there!

Thank you for your interest in us as an employer. At our Pflaum Business Brunch on 22nd of March, participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas with our employees over a leisurely breakfast and gain exciting insights into our everyday working life during a guided tour of the company. Perhaps we will soon be able to welcome new colleagues!
OÖ Job Week 2023 - Thanks for your interest
13. März 2023

OÖ Job Week 2023 - Pflaum Business Brunch on 22 March

Upper Austria Job Week 2023 - We are there! 

You want to get to know our company? 
You want to find out more about our vacant (apprenticeship) positions? 

Come to the Pflaum Business Brunch on 22 March and exchange ideas with our employees over a leisurely breakfast! 

We look forward to seeing you!

Info and registration:
Come to the Pflaum Business Brunch on 22nd of March!